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The Hot tubs

Check out the fleet and how to measure your access to get the right hot tub for you!

From £295

RotoSpa Quatro

With room for up to 8 people the Quatro is a great size for brining people together. Offering 26 hydro jets with a 15 point ultra jet massage master the RotoSpa is perfect for that hydrotherapy treatment. It needs a height clearance of 200cm and a gateway width of 75cm meaning it can fit almost anywhere whilst still giving that deep water experience because of its cleverly designed seating.

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From £295

Strong Spa Antigua 90

The Antigua is the largest all round hot tub. It has multilevel 

seating for 8 people giving a deep water experience and 18 massage jets. With its multiple function underwater light the Antigua brings the party. Be sure to measure your access beforehand as this one needs 90cm width at a height of 200cm 

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From £280

Strong Spa Rio 75

The Rio is the little sister in the group with seating up to 6 people using an all round bench seat, multifunctional light and 12 hydro jets, it packs a punch. Requiring a height clearance of 200cm point to point. Although the octagonal shape offers a bit more squeezing space. The width of 75cm means it's a good fit for most access points.

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Make sure you measure properly 

Always measure the narrowest point all the way down the access not just the entrance way. Be sure to look out for pipes, gas/electrical boxes and taps etc. make sure to measure the width at the full height required (200cm)  Be mindful of any tight right angle corners as this will impede access even if it has enough width. 

Any problems you can email us photo's and talk us through it

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