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The answers to life's riddles

How do you get the hot tub in place?

We carefully roll the hot tub into position, usually through your side gate and into the garden. The minimum access required is 75cm width with a full height of 200cm

How do you fill the hot tub?

We use your water supply. With a hose pipe...

Does the hot tub need to switched on all the time?

Yes the hot tub requires constant power in order to maintain temperature and go through filtration cycles.

Do you have a hot tub at home?

Yes a whole fleet of them.

Do you take sugar in your tea?

Rob has 1 sugar and milk, Alex just has a bit of milk.

Do they plug into a normal socket?

Yes they plug into a household 3 amp socket, we provide an RCD (residual current device) which protects from any electrical faults. (we have no way of knowing if your plug is up to standard however)

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